Friday, August 06, 2010

I miss broken heart and Longing

We all grow mature, we all grow old and at times its not such a good feeling.
All through the life we keep on fighting to get someone to love, to settle down with someone we love someone who loves us, to have someone to share feelings and love and everything with and to reach that stage we go through so much.
Short love stories, One sided love, crush, falling deeply in love, longing to meet the lover and broken hearts.
Be it the love in school or college or anytime before you get committed to one.
Once we do get someone in our life, when we get committed to one, when you decide to spend life with someone, when you get a life partner, everything starts coming back to you. Those times when you were in love, when you waited hours to get a glimpse of your love, when you practiced thousand times before going to talk to him or her.
Miss those nights when we wake up just thinking about that person, then the times when you were separated for a short duration and you longed for him or her so badly.
Then the broken hearts we suffered and how we did our best to recover through it, how our friends helped you out coming from that state.
How you vowed not to fall in love again and did again the very next month and with the same process and same results.
Those waits, those waking through the nights, having just that one thought day in day out about that one person, the broken heart every now and then, is badly missed at times. Wish if we could once again have all of those experiences once again now that we are matured.
But then may be all those feelings might not be same now that we are mature.

But probably the process of getting your love and all the phases involved in it are much better than to achieve it and settle down or not to achieve it and settle down with someone.

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