Sunday, April 03, 2005

Changing World

I had never thought in my school life that I would end up with computers. Any one asking me that time would have got a reply as to army or scientist. Then weather changed, in my teens I wanted to be an accountant, but yea as fate would have had it, I ended up with computers.
I don't know if I wud have been into something else wud it have been better or worse but yea I try to keep myself happy by constantly reminding myself that I am into the hottest industry.
So you see with time the ideas change, the thoughts change and in short everything changes.
Raghav who always used to say to me when we were in school that he would never marry a girl(though he didn't meant it otherwise too as that time we didn't had today's concepts) and all in all he never used to have a smooth talk with girls, but change set in him and when he was in college he had the max number of girls around him and his views were like, 'no girls, no life' and he was the first one in our group to marry(though his condition today is entirely a different changed story).
One day I was sitting with my cousin, I was going through the magazines and he as usual was channel surfing. His views about girls are those of generation Z. He would keep on telling me how many girls he have been with this week and which one was more pretty and wat should they wear, how should they act , etc. etc . He is FYBCom student, good looking he is and so yes I never doubt things whenever it concerns girls. But yea that day he has been telling me his views about how to treat a girl and what girls are. And on most of the points I didn't agree to him, I tried to retaliate with my points but he won't accept. After a while listening to him I realised that he can't be satisfied with any point right now. He won't accept it now but he will change as I had and as others have. The guy who is sitting here and telling me that love is all sh** is going to come back to me after some time and will be having some good views about love and girls. Then he might start preaching me about love........isn't it?
Another short instance about change, there was this friend of mine I used to hang with. We shared quite sometime together and the reason we used to gell together was that we shared almost same views on everything above the earth and below the sky.
We have shared our views on sports, politics, girls, culture, marriage, and we used to share the same brand of ciggarettes too.
We have bullied many of our friends on the issue of they being changed after a girl has come in. "yaar log kaise badal jaate hai, ladki ke aane se....", "kya bhai ab to doston ke liye time hi nahi hoga...." and the likes of statements used to reverberate in any of the usual gettogether.
They were not only statements but also the feel was the same, no one could understand the reason as to why a person who used to sit with us and share time with us is no more available, why has his priorities changed?
All said and done but everyone used to be friend.
Time changed, places changed and so did everything.
I met with this same friend after many years on one of the weddings I was attending in his city. We were happy to meet again and we started to relive our old moments, the usual reunion types, he tells me that he has got a girlfriend now, ummm.....u not joking?? no seriously yaar... and thats how the news went in ...
The next day I thought I wud stroll with him, talk a lot and do some shopping will go out for lunch and dinner, but he was no where to be seen, called him up and guess wat, yea offcourse he was with his sweetheart, and despite promising to meet in the evening he couldn't turn up. I went out alone, did some shopping, had lunch at a quiet place. The good thing was that I knew the city well and I knew where I can get the things I wanted to shop for, so wasn't much of a problem.
The next day I had to return in the afternoon.
He came at night, was sorry he had to leave as there was something urgent on his GF's side that he had to attend to, "ok lunch we will have together"...he says, "sasha will also join us". I was fine with that. The next day I had to reach station by 1 PM and till 12 PM there was no confirmation about the lunch, I called up and told him I am leaving and I already had lunch as I was getting late, we will have lunch the next time we meet. "No thats fine...I'll catch a taxi.....Bye" abd Ieft.

Sitting in the taxi the things we used to say to others reverberated in my mind......"yaar log kaise badal jaate hai, ladki ke aane se...."
But yea, they say thats wat change is all about.....and change is inevitable and in addition to it no one will ever accept that they have really changed;)