Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Friendship Day!!

Do we need such a day? I had asked myself some 5-6 years ago when I was walking towards the institute I had taken admission in.
There were few guys and gals around a shop and they had those things on their hands called "Friendship bands" (though I still am not a big fan of those things).

But that aside back then I couldn't find a suitable answer as to if we require such a day called Friendship Day as we all know, we don't need a day to remember friends, we don't need a special day to call up friends or hang out with them. And yes its kind of embarrassing to wish a friend you meet everyday a happy friendship day.

But times change and so our thinking and today as I sit far from all my friends and not in touch with them for long. I really needed this special day to think about all my friends and say hi to them, through messenger or mail or scraps, whatever. But yes life just get so busy and complex at times that you just can't think of anything or anyone that's not in front of you.

And may be girlfriends/boyfriends or spouse we wouldn't stop thinking about even if they are not in front of us but with friends we go ahead and take the liberty of forgetting them for a while with a surety at the back of our mind that they would still be there whenever we go back (when we have time).

We all have so many friends, the one's from kinder garden, the ones from high school, the ones from cricket field, the ones from college, etc. etc. etc. But all we can remember of are the colleagues/friends from the office or in today's age a few online friends. Day in and day out we are with them and it becomes hard for us to think of the friends in the past.

And today I sit here thinking all my A-Z friends till now, they all matter a lot in some or the other way.
One of them helped me out with money when I needed it the most, the other one completed my biology diagrams before the exams, the other one lend me his bike when I wanted to take my girlfriend out, one of them was with me when I was down and out, the other one gave me strength and kept me fighting when I was searching for job, one of them introduced to the girl I liked, one of them accompanied me when I wanted to attend another of my friend in hospital, one of them helped my parents when I was not around, one of them was always there when everyone was standing against me, one of them left his classes and workouts and stayed with me when I was heartbroken, one of them always listened to me however her mood was, one of them fought for me when I had a class fight, one of them always got the movie tickets for me, one of them suggested me to go towards a career, one of them covered for me in the office when I was late, one of them was always there to answer complex questions about my life. And many many others. And the best part all of them believe in me and want me happy and did all they can to keep me happy.

People come in our lives and go away and sometimes our lives get badly affected by it. But we have our "Friends" who will always be there taking care of us and making sure we are happy.
Though there are friends who are far apart and today we don't have much contact with them but for sure they were their for us when we needed them and have affected a major part of our lives and for sure will always be there for us whenever we need them and probably we will again sometimes cross paths.

But till then we always remember them in some or the other way but its a good day to tell them that we do remember them.
To all my friends I had in my life till now, Thank You for everything and
Happy Friendship Day!!