Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Get tested, it's in fashion

I heard this line sometimes back on a TV show.
A new york based designer Sanjana Jon brought the Miss Universe 'Zuleyka Rivera' to India for the AIDS awareness campaign.
I wouldn't stress on why to get tested, as I am sure anybody reading this would be well aware about HIV/AIDS (If not, then there is plenty of information available online or watch the movie 'Phir Milenge').
I just want to endorse this line for all of those going in for sexual relations with new partners and also those already in a relation.
One of the way to do our bit is before you are going to marry it is the best that both the partners exchange the HIV certificates.
Getting tested before marriage and exchanging certificates shouldn't be seen as disrespecting your partner or doubting his/her integrity but rather as a caring gesture towards your partner. Nobody would like to pass on any disease to his/her partner, whatever it might be.
And being educated and knowing about the disease so much, this is the least we can do to spread the awareness about the disease.

So my request to all of you getting married talk to your partner and "Get tested, it's in fashion"


Anonymous said...

Good suggestion buddy.I do agree with u but the sad thing is that inspite of being aware about this how many of us really go for the test?

Though u never know after a period, a time may come where like the horoscopes ,the HIV/AIDS test certificates would be one of the criterias for marriage.

Brainstogether said...

I agree, a time will come when the government will make it mandatory to exchange the certificates but why do we need to do things only when made mandatory?
Being educated and knowing about the dreadful disease thats the least we can do to make a difference, as we go through our normal life. Get tested ourself and talking to our friends, colleagues to do the same.